Monday, March 23, 2009


We have new friends at 105 Fifield Lane. Squirrels. We first heard them in December, but they visit us daily now. They have chewed holes in one of the screens and love to hang out in our attic. We had the Elders come and check it out (mostly to make sure we weren't hearing things) and they have definitely been up there. Hopefully our friends will have to move on soon.
Monday- Our district played Broom Hockey! We only broke two brooms and only one Elder started to bleed. It was a great success! Tanya, Krissie & Carly fed all of us and Sister Wilcox taught Carly how to do the "Utah bump" to her hair. She was looking on Facebook and noticed that a lot of members have that hair, so she associates it with being a member and wanted to learn how. She is so much fun!
Tuesday- We had a great green dinner with Kristin Hill and had a Bible/Book of Mormon study with her and her roommate Rachel.
Wednesday- Zone Conference! I love getting to meet with President Summerhays. Zone Conference is always exactly what I need to give me a boost and some added direction. We had a lesson with France after and it was amazing as we read the Tree of Life with her in 1 Nephi 8 and she saw what she needed to change in her life. I love the Book of Mormon!
Thursday- We went to the TCC Booth and were able to talk to several different people. We also got to meet with Farah and feel of her strength. Erica Sewell also fed us all dinner, which is always nice :)
Friday- We got to go to the Ronald McDonald house, always a favorite, and then we had an amazing lesson with Kiley & Cory. Cory is doing so well as he prepares for baptism.
Saturday- We planned in the morning. I love planning because we receive so much inspiration and direction for everyone we are working with in such a condensed period of time. Then we went tracting and were able to meet up with Caroline. We found her before Spring Break, but she was moving and her phone was turned off. Then the Zone Leaders found her one day and she mentioned meeting us. They gave us her address and we went and taught her a first lesson. It was a miracle!
Sunday- We had a lesson with Amber, girlfriend of Cory Zauche, a member of 5th ward, after church and she has such a sweet countenance and the spirit was very strong in the lesson. Afterwards we went tracting and were able to welcome rejection! It really was great! We testified with faith and not fear and as a result we found a new investigator, Jade, and a few potentials. It was a great experience!
Lina- Thanks for the letter, I haven't had the chance to read it because we haven't gotten our mail from the Elders, but I'm excited!
I love you all!

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