Thursday, March 5, 2009

Member Referrals

I love that each week has so much happen that I have to pull out my planner to remember it all...

Monday we had a wonderful, Spirit filled lesson with Erin. We watched the Restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong and we were able to discover and help relieve some of her concerns. I love being a missionary!

Tuesday we had a great district meeting where we ended up all sharing what we've been struggling with and helping each other overcome it. We really worked together to build each other up and we are working together to accomplish our goals. Nothing we had originally planned for the rest of the day worked, but we had a lot of great things happen. I love being a missionary!

Wednesday we had a lesson with a less-active member and it was amazing to see her desire to do and be better. It was inspiring to see someone overcome so much and continue to strive to improve. We had a lesson with another less-active that lived far away, a member took us there, but she was a no-show. We went to leave and her car wouldn't start. It was quite comical, but ended up being for the best because her dad was already coming up this weekend and was able to help her and to see just how poor condition the car is in. Tender mercy in a small way and strange way :) We spent some time on campus and I cast out fear and opened my mouth more than ever before. I'd like to say miracles happened, and in a way it did, but not how I expected. I got more rejection on campus than ever before- even at hello. I even had a dog reject me! But then we went to go tracting before a lesson and we found a new investigator, tracted into a friend of a member that we'd met previously, received two referrals, and found a few other potentials. It was an amazing hour! Then we had a fantastic lesson with Cameron & Joe (Referrals from a family in 3rd ward). They aren't ready to make changes yet, but they have a desire to know more and to believe. They are excited to get to meet with us each week. I love being a missionary!

Thursday we spent time at TCC and were able to talk with a girl, Stephanie, that we'd met before and set up a time to meet and got her phone number. We had an amazing lesson with Kiley & Cory (Kiley is a recently active member and Cory is a friend/boyfriend since they were 13) about the Plan of Salvation. At the end Cory was a little emotional and expressed that he wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom. It was exciting! I love being a missionary!

Friday we had fun at Friday Forum and the Ronald McDonald House. Afterward Kacie Bunch (who went to RMH with us) took us to get milk. She loves coffee, but she opted for a Dr. Pepper instead of Starbucks! Small miracles happen all the time! She is doing really well. Later we helped Kristen Hill clean her room again. It was wonderful! Her roommate Rachel was appreciative to and we were able to talk with her about the scriptures. We are going back tomorrow too! I love being a missionary! (especially when you do service and get to spend most of the day in pants!)

Saturday we spent time planning and other normal things, but then we spent time eating with investigators, eating with the Elders for Elder Clasby's birthday, and eating with members. Lots of food! I love being a missionary!

Sunday was Stake Conference and it was wonderful! Kacie was there and loved it. Kiley & Cory came, Kiley also brought her mom. Cory got there before Kiley and instead of waiting for her just came in and sat down by us with a big smile on his face. Elder Glen Pace was the visiting General Authority and he was wonderful! It was also fun to get to see President & Sister Summerhays. I remember now that the mission president was usually at Stake Conference, but I didn't put it together. We had an amazing lesson after with Kiley & Cory and a few other members & investigators & Elders Clasby & Rasmussen joined us. It was wonderful! We talked about the tree of life, but then it ventured into giving up things of the world for the Lord, then it went into baptism and Cory set a baptism date for the 11th of April! It was a powerful lesson and Cory just shines! I'm so happy for him! I love being a missionary!

Sister Wilcox and I were reflecting on the work in the 5th ward and from the time that we got here to April 11th (Cory's BCD) there will have been 10 baptisms in the 5th ward, and 8 of them were/are from member referrals!! That really is the 'better way' that President Hinckley describes.

I love you all!

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Mom said...

Hi Jill - it's Julie - Sister Wilcox's mom. She mentioned that Sister Short sent pictures and perhaps you would forward them to me. If that is at all possible, I would really appreciate it:

I love following your blog - Sister Short gives more detail than Kelli which helps us get a better picture of what is happening. I love being a mom of a missionary!