Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm currently home on medical release. I've had a headache for 8 weeks now and we are going to get to the bottom of it. I hope to get back out quickly. We're doing tests and such to begin appropriate treatment asap. Thank you for your continued love and support.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fever in the mornin', fever all through the night.

That's right! I had a fever this week! It began on Tuesday afternoon and broke some time between when I went to bed Thursday and when I got up Friday morning. It was miserable and completely knocked me out.

Sister Wilcox had to have Carly 'babysit' me while she went with Krissie to a lesson with Amber, which apparently went really well. I hated not being able to work. It was miserable, even worse than the fever itself. But Friday and Saturday I was headache free for once. It was beautiful! We talked to people (all 5 of them that were on campus during the break) and were able to testify of the Restoration. It was wonderful. Sunday I got to call home! It was great to get to talk to everyone (except Chase, sorry I missed you!). A much needed boost of love and support.

Sister Wilcox and I are still serving together in Tallahassee, which means we'll be here for both of our birthdays (hers is the 8th, mine the 17th) and will get to have lots of fun and lots of cake :)

I love being a missionary and I am so thankful for the chance that I have to serve, even if it is feebly. The Lord makes up the difference. I love you all. Don't get too hot, and it you think it is bad in Arizona, (if you think it is bad in Utah you are just a pansy) imagine it being humid too...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mom always said to empty my pockets...

So this week Sister Wilcox decided to wash her bag. It was needed and a good idea. The execution was the problem. She emptied out the main pockets, but forgot the one on the side where she keeps the phone. About 9:45 I wondered why the Elders hadn't called and asked where the phone was. Her automatic response was her bag, when I gave her a raised eyebrow she said it was on the chair with the rest of her bag contents. When I looked, and looked, she realized that it was in fact in her bag. We ended up walking over to the Elders to let them know that we are in fact safe and to request that they pass along a request for a new phone. It was hilarious! We dried out the phone and put it in the freezer (which really does work) and were able to get through the next day with 5 buttons not working. It really was, and still is, quite funny. So always remember to check ALL your pockets :) The AP's brought us the phone and said that this is the 3rd or 4th phone that has been washed in the last month or so, but they couldn't figure out how a sister washed her phone without pant pockets. Oh, we found a way :)

I forgot to mention last week that I had a run in with someone from good old Gilbert. Dusty Niu! He is in Alabama for flight school and the closest group of more than 10 YSA's is 5th ward. He misses Pioneer ward...

As for this week's highlights...

Monday - we played volley ball as a district and with some ward members (Krissie, Carly, Madison McDoneley, Lacey Tindall, David Graham, and a newly return missionary Dan Smith) and then ate lunch at the institute. They had lunch there Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for finals week and we got to eat too!

Tuesday - we had district meeting, lunch again, had a lesson ditch us and found a new investigator.

Wednesday - we went to the doctor to have my neck looked at - the beast of a sebaceous cyst will be removed tomorrow! I hope to have pictures :)

Thursday - lessons canceled... head hurt... I came up with a brilliant idea for the member book (which I can work on inside, in the dark, with an ice pack on my head...)

Friday - helped the FSU elders move into an apartment that is nicer than ours... their new address is 1854 Ivy Lane #8 Tallahassee, FL 32304 (we still don't have a lock on our mail box...) then we went to the Ronald McDonald house, bought FSU fabric to make quilts next week, and helped a member get ready to move home. We also got a phone that works!

Saturday - we spent time with some struggling members, Sister Wilcox practiced the piano for a musical number.

Sunday - I managed to make it through church and then we stayed down there for the CES Broadcast. President Summerhays had all the missionaries watch it. It was wonderful and helped me to appreciate my body, even with my headache.

I also talked to the area doctor got a prescription for my headache. Hopefully it does the trick once and for all.Thank you all for your love, support, letters, prayers, etc...

Thanks mom, for always reminding me to check my pockets :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Birds With One Stone

We were talking about unity and service in Relief Society and we talked about President Eyring's talk on adversity and how when we serve others and help them with what we need our needs are met as well. One of the girls said its like hitting to birds with one stone, but less violent.

This email will be two weeks in one :)

The week of April 13th to 19th: Had an amazing lesson with Erin and talked about happiness. Zone Conference was amazing as always, especially meeting with President Summerhays. Received lots promptings and got to see the results of acting on them. Worked a lot with less actives and other ward members. Had a girl we tracked into come up to us at TCC and asked why we never came back. Set up an appointment with her :) Played with an investigators cute new puppy - almost as satsifying as holding kids, but only because I'm a missionary and that is my only option. Helped with 1st ward's primary activity and talked with them about being "fishers of men". Have several new boyfriends from said activity, Joshua, William & Justin. 4 year olds are much better than 24 year olds, hopefully my view will change after my mission...Worked more with recent converts and less actives. Planned. Went to church and partook of the Sacrament. Invited Amber to be baptized and she accepted! Oh, and continued to have a headache of course, but did get a letter with chocolate from someone in Sister Wilcox's ward.

April 20th - 26th:Helped girl scouts clean the Ronald McDonald House (and ate an entire box of samoas...) Wandered around trying to find an investigator only to realize we were at Osecola Village not Ridge... Feeling really smart... Making party hats for district meeting - the best way to build district unity :) Talked with Larry again at the TCC Booth. He is very kind and has real desire to learn. Chalked the Plan of Salvation on FSU campus and talked to people. Helped Kendal clean and kitty proof her house for the summer. Played ultimate frisbee with members & investigators (at the invitation of the members! hooray!) Drove really far to try and visit a less active who wasn't home, but had really cute kittens that we played with once her scary dog decided we were nice. Went to church and partook of the Sacrament. Still have a headache, but I'm in the process of trying different things to alleviate it. I'm loving the work, when I get to work at least. My head never hurts when I teach and usually isn't bad while contacting either, so that is a blessing.

I love studying each day and espeically love the Book of Mormon. There is power in reading the Book of Mormon. I've seen it in my life and in the lives of those I teach. The Church is true. Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Obedience is the key to happiness.

You should all write me more letters. :) Love ya'l!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Like a Mullet for Glasses

One of the members, Amanda Wright, commented on my purple glasses. I said that my lovely mother who only wants the best for me thought they were a little unprofessional (but because she is the best mom in the world still bought them for me). She said that if you looked at them straight on you couldn't really tell, but when they were tilted and the light hit them they were purple. Hence the mullet comment, business in the front, party in the back. Amanda is full of great such statements that bring joy to my day.

Monday we went bowling and I got two strikes in a row!! (we just won't talk about the rest of the game...) We also went over to Melissa Mae's with Jacqueline, the RS Pres, and had another break through. We also found out she is moving and set up a time to help her pack and then to move.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. It was different than Elder Rasmussen did it, but Elder Mahan is a great district leader in his own way. We had three lessons set up and all of them weren't home. We tracted instead and were able to find Shawna. She was so excited and so thankful that we would give her a Book of Mormon and invite her to church.

Wednesday we were going to go to FAMU but I was sick. I was so sick to the point of being incapacitated all day. It was miserable! Through lots of prayer and determination, I did make it out the door for a lesson in the evening, but I knew I wouldn't make it the twenty minute walk there. I went out with trust and a member, Samantha Thompson, drove by and picked us up because she left class early. It was an answer to prayer! The lesson wasn't there, but Sam was able to take us to the church where we helped Sister Campbell with another quilt.

Thursday I felt fantastic! It was great! We got to go down to TCC and talked to several people, a few of which stopped and talked to us because they knew members. You are always setting an example and being watched. Living your life according to the teachings of the gospel is missionary work in and of itself (that doesn't mean you don't have to talk to people though...) Afterward we went to Melissa's with Krissie & Carly to help pack. We got it all done pretty quickly and then watched Legacy. It was a great chance to talk about Priesthood Blessings when Eliza was healed. Melissa didn't realize all the persecution the early saints went through. It helped her put her trials in perspective.

Friday I had a migraine. This migraine is still my friend. I asked for a blessing and it was powerful, but I was told that I had something to learn from this and that this trial would take time. Heavenly Father let me know that He loves me and is proud of me. He appreciates my faith and calling on the Priesthood, but I have something to learn. I wish I knew what that something was. I did get a lovely Easter package that helped to brighten my day :) Thanks Mom!

Saturday morning we helped Melissa move. It was a great chance to help soften her heart and her mother's as well. She was so thankful that so many people showed up to help. (us, Krissie, Carly, TCC & FSU Elders, David Graham and Jason Roberts) I guess I've always taken it for granted growing up in the church that people help each other move. That evening Carly invited us over to dye Easter eggs. I think that is the first time missionaries have been in her home and it was good to meet her mom & dad. Plus, it was a lot of fun.

Easter Sunday! It was wonderful! Fast & Testimony Meeting was powerful. We had several members bear testimony of the help that we as missionaries have given them. It was great to see Madison so strong, to see France recognize that she knows the truth and that she is reading from the Book of Mormon, to see those that have always been active are uplifted by coming to lessons with us. It was a great boost and reminded me that I am doing good out here despite all my weaknesses. The Lord is able to use someone as weak as me to do His work. After church Elizabeth Keller & Dave Polk fed us Easter dinner. It was delicious! Dave also had us take a lot of food from his pantry, which was yet another answer to prayer as our food supply is getting scarce. It is a little rough on the budget when you are fed by members very often, but the Lord provides a way.

I love you all and hope you had a wonderful Easter. I love the chance to reflect on the knowledge that HE LIVES! Because He lives we will all live again (with perfected bodies too! Cold & migraine free!). I love the chance I have to dedicate all of my time and energy to sharing this with people.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11, 2009

Dear Readers,

I am Alissa's mom, Jill. I have to apologize for neglecting this blog for the past two weeks. It seems that I didn't even have time to point and click to publish her emails to her blog. I am sorry and will try to do better in the future. Thanks for your understanding, Jill Clonts (Alissa' Mom)

Conference In A Skirt

This was a new experience for me. I was not only dressed for all of General Conference, but I was in a skirt and sitting in a pew. I was able to stay awake through all of them, but I think that had more to do with the fact that the sessions were at 12 and 4 rather than 9 and 1 :) It was wonderful!

Monday we had a farewell dinner for Elder Rasmussen at Chili's. It was us, FSU, Krissie, Carly (who was baptized a few weeks ago), Alex (who was baptized last week), and Whitney. It was nice to get to spend some time laughing and having fun. Krissie & Carly put a goodbye package together for Elder Rasmussen. Post-its, plastic sheets for binders, Razzles (first its a candy, then its a gum!), sheriff badges (he is going to be a zone leader in Pace, FL), and other such items.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. Sister Wilcox & I wore black. We were in mourning for loosing Elder Rasmussen. Then we went to Stevie B's pizza for the ultimate eat off. I lost. But I put up a good fight. Elder Rasmussen ate 19 while Elder Eden and I could only eat 18. I really could not eat anymore. I could barely swallow the 18th piece. I've never eaten so much in my life! Madisen fed us dinner that night & I was a little scared it would be pizza. Instead it was coos-coos (sp?) that stuff that is like rice but in balls instead of grains... It was delicious.

Wednesday we had Sister Palmer, a new missionary, with us for the day while her trainer came in from elsewhere. It was fun to see someone fresh from the MTC and laugh a little when her hair frizzed and she wasn't sure what to do. We contacted on campus and talked to a lot of great people. Then we helped Sister Campbell with quilts for the stake. The Campbells also bought us dinner :) That is the most we've been fed in a week in a long time.

Thursday it was pouring rain, which would be fine, except there was lightening as well. We have been counseled not to go out in lightening, so we made lots of phone calls, update the area book and cleaned our apartment.

Friday I was not feeling well, but refused to spend another day inside! I called the Elders for a blessing and, as always, felt better immediately. It is amazing! I love the Priesthood! We were able to go to Friday Forum, the Ronald McDonald House and then we were able to go and visit Farah. That girl has such amazing faith! I want to be like her when I grow up.

Saturday we planned in the morning and then had Conference! It was wonderful! Between sessions we were able to contact an investigator and get her new phone number, which was a huge blessing. After we were able to go tracting and find 2 new investigators, Charlie & Robert, and were able to clean for a member, who fed us pancakes. I don't know what to do with all this food!

Sunday we finished planning and headed down for music & the spoken word. It had been years!

Conference was wonderful! I forgot my notes, but I know that I love President Eyrings talk on adversity, Elder Holland's words on the Atonement and Elder Bednar's talk on the Temple. I can't wait for the conference Ensign!

I love you all!Happy Birthday Waybne, you're old!