Monday, May 18, 2009

Fever in the mornin', fever all through the night.

That's right! I had a fever this week! It began on Tuesday afternoon and broke some time between when I went to bed Thursday and when I got up Friday morning. It was miserable and completely knocked me out.

Sister Wilcox had to have Carly 'babysit' me while she went with Krissie to a lesson with Amber, which apparently went really well. I hated not being able to work. It was miserable, even worse than the fever itself. But Friday and Saturday I was headache free for once. It was beautiful! We talked to people (all 5 of them that were on campus during the break) and were able to testify of the Restoration. It was wonderful. Sunday I got to call home! It was great to get to talk to everyone (except Chase, sorry I missed you!). A much needed boost of love and support.

Sister Wilcox and I are still serving together in Tallahassee, which means we'll be here for both of our birthdays (hers is the 8th, mine the 17th) and will get to have lots of fun and lots of cake :)

I love being a missionary and I am so thankful for the chance that I have to serve, even if it is feebly. The Lord makes up the difference. I love you all. Don't get too hot, and it you think it is bad in Arizona, (if you think it is bad in Utah you are just a pansy) imagine it being humid too...

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