Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rain !!!

The first half of last week was amazing! The last half was... wet.

Monday we met with Melissa Mae and had an enjoyable and rejuvenating P-Day

Tuesday we had a great district meeting followed by chalking the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk on FSU. It was mostly the Elders, but we helped and donated the chalk, so we'll take credit too. Later we had a lesson that fell through, so we got to do some tracting. We did have a great lesson with Kiley & Cory. We talked about fasting & prayer & taught them the promised blessing/ required action way of reading the Book of Mormon. They both loved it and ate it up. It was amazing! We also ran into a girl on campus that investigated the church two years ago. We gave her another Book of Mormon and she said she'd love to have us call her after the semester is over.

Wednesday we spent time on FAMU and found two new investigators, Angela and Earnest. It was great to open my mouth and for people to actually want to listen. I found a new favorite question for talking to people on campus 'would you like to learn more about Jesus Christ?' It is hard to say no to that, and then I'm able to testify, they feel the Spirit, and a seed is planted! I love being a missionary!

Thursday is when it started to rain. We made it down to TCC, but had to leave early and we just barely beat the really heavy rain, though we were both still soaked! We did have a dinner appointment that night with the Roberts family and a girl Briana that came to church randomly last week. It was an amazing lesson and the spirit was so strong! I love it when I'm teaching and the words I'm saying aren't my own. It is an experience I can't even describe, but it is powerful.

Friday we tried to venture out, but after only an hour they announced a thunderstorm warning over the intercom on campus and told us to seek shelter immediately. We were at the church parking lot when it started coming down in sheets so we didn't quite make it. We were still wet most of the day.

Saturday morning we ventured out again. I need to go to CVS to get an ace bandage and a heating pad because my knee was killing me. On the way back it started to pour again. We forced ourselves out in the pouring rain later for Alex's baptism. It was wonderful. The FSU Elders have been teaching him for quite some time. He is a powerhouse and is going to do great things in the church.

Sunday the sun was back!!! Alex was confirmed and the blessing was as powerful as he is. The Stake had an Easter Musical that was beautiful. Later in the evening we stopped by a few investigators' homes that don't have phones or we have the wrong phone number, but no one was home. Somehow we managed to get work done, most of it was in the first half of the week, but even the time we were stuck inside was good because we were able to update the area book and call former and potential investigators, something we've been wanting to do for a while.

Caralina!!!! Thank you for the letter! I'd love to hear details about everything. Pictures are great too! You can email me if that is easier...! I'll try to get your letter in the mail tomorrow. I love you!I'd love to hear from all of you!Love,the finally dry, Sister Short

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