Friday, February 6, 2009

Missionary Prep by Sister Short :)

Monday we played football for P-Day with some of the Elders, some members, and a few investigators. It was great to be able to run and play! (Even if everyone was sore the next day) We had another great lesson with Erin that night. She said that she was praying again and that she wanted to go back to church (she mentioned the Catholic Church, but hopefully she'll come to ours as well). She said she likes how she feels when she reads the Book of Mormon and she even made sure that we'd meet the same time next week. I'm excited for her as she continues to progress.

Tuesday was Zone Conference! I love getting to spend time with the Zone and especially with President and Sister Summerhays. We talked a lot about faith and not having even a seed of doubt or fear in us as we tract, contact, teach, extend commitments, etc... I came to realize that I accept that I choose to be offended, why can't other people make that same choice. I don't need to be afraid of offending when I speak with faith and love. It was a very powerful and uplifting day. I loved meeting with President Summerhays. It was brief but powerful. Our District has been struggling with unity and President called it exactly like it is and was rather blunt about it. He asked me to be patient with a few of the Elders, which was much easier to agree to because he clearly knows exactly what is going on. It probably helps that he has the Spirit to help him discern ;) He told me that the Lord loves me, is proud of me, and that I should be growing in my confidence. I was a little taken back by that - my confidence should be growing. I feel fairly confident, at least with the help of the Lord, but as I have thought about this more and more I think it has more to do with faith and trust in Him growing, and my confidence growing as a result of that. I am so thankful to have the chance to meet with President Summerhays monthly! Some of the Elders think he will be an apostle or even the prophet someday, but he does so much good on an individual basis that I think he'll continue to be a mission or stake president, where he can help to change individual lives. He is an amazing man of God that radiates the Spirit within him.

Wednesday we had 3 lessons scheduled, all of which fell through at the last minute. We were able to contact a member referral and set up an appointment, so that was good. It really is according to the Lord's time.

Thursday we had our only lesson fall through, but we did contact several potential investigators at the booth on TCC.

Friday we had an amazing lesson with Farah. Her countenance has changed so much in the past few weeks. She is so excited to be baptized and to grow closer to her Savior. You can't help but to be happy around her. We also got to serve at the Ronald McDonald House as we do every Friday. That night we had a lesson scheduled with Jerika, but the last several have either been rescheduled, canceled, or no-shows, so we were afraid we'd have to drop her. By a miracle she was there and ready! We had Melanie, a recent convert, come with us and she powerfully shared her own gradual conversion story and how she had to continue to read and pray to know. We watched The Restoration with Jerika and then her cousin Kalee came over with friend, so Jerika wanted to watch it again. It was powerful! When Melanie shared that she would read the chapters assigned by the Sisters Kalee said she wanted assigned scriptures to read! It was wonderful! Both Kalee and Jerika committed to read 3 Nephi 27 and/or Alma 32 and to pray to know if it is true! It was such a powerful lesson and the exact opposite of what we thought it would be.

Saturday we planned most of the day and tried to contact a few less actives, but with no success, at least not any success that we saw immediately. Sunday we were supposed to have 4 lessons and 4 investigators at Sacrament Meeting, none of which happened. We did have a few less actives come and they were really excited to be there. Again, it is all according to the Lord's time and in His way. We set goals, work to achieve those goals and pray, but ultimately it is up to Him. Any good that happens here is because of Him. I am merely an instrument in His hands, but how thankful I am to be that! This past week as I read Silvia H. Allred talk from conference she listed ways that each of us can be missionaries:Then, be more specific in your missionary efforts. Let me suggest some ideas. You might find two or three that work for you:
If you have children at home, help prepare them for missionary service. Prepare yourself for missionary service.
-Invite family and friends to listen to the missionaries or to attend our Church meetings and activities.
-Accompany the missionaries to investigators’ homes, or invite the missionaries to teach nonmembers in your home.
-Invite people to a family home evening in your home.
-Invite people to a family history center, or help them do family history research.
-Give referrals to the missionaries. Members can be the greatest and best source of referrals.
-Share your beliefs and testimony with nonmember friends and family.
-Seek for opportunities to reach out to others.
-Extend friendship to investigators and new converts.
-Give your best efforts to finding those who are seeking the truth.
-If you have family members or friends on missions, send them letters of love and encouragement, and pray for them. The last one was my favorite ;)

Now for a few personal responses:

Ashley Hathcock - I can't find your address anywhere! I don't know what I did with it, but I can't find it. Please email it to me or something so I can send you a letter! I loved the package in the MTC! Sorry I'm so slow on responding, I was hoping to find your address. Gilbert Girls - while I can't email you, you can email me and then read my blog. I'd love to know what on earth is going on in your lives, for example pregnant, for all I know Katie Hawkes is engaged, Caraline has joined the circus as a high flying acrobat, Brooke is playing the piano at a jazz lounge, etc...Dallas- I'm still here. I was not transferred and President Summerhays does not anticipate transferring me anytime soon. Please send the cookies as soon as possible :)Danny- One of the Elders reminds me so much of you! I miss you Danny Boy!

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