Monday, January 19, 2009

Milk Day

My testimony in so many things has been strengthened in so many ways this week. Visiting teaching is amazing. Monday night we got a call from Freya, a sister who visit teaches France Charles. She had been dropping off cookies and notes to her without much success, but Monday Freya got a call from France saying that she needed help, she needed to return to God, she needed to get her life back in order, and that she'd like to meet with the sister missionaries. We've had the chance to meet with her twice and the Elders had a chance to administer a blessing. Freya brought France to church on Sunday and her countenance is already so much brighter! We are going to continue to work with her, with her visiting & home teachers as well, so that she can develop her own strength.

I've been strengthened as I've had the opportunity to teach by the Spirit, not just with the Spirit. Two of our lessons this week (one with Erin another with Farah) were different directions than we had planned on going. I shared my experiences with prayer and the gospel and how they have helped me in my life in both instances, but shared different aspects that met the needs of the investigator. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience. We also had the opportunity to set a baptismal date with Farah. She hasn't ever had a relationship with her Heavenly Father (at least not on this earth) and is struggling to, but dedicated to developing that relationship. We talked about goals in Enrichment the night before and how it takes 28 days to develop a habit. We invited her to take the next 28 days to develop that relationship with her Heavenly Father and then show her love for Him by making the covenant of baptism. She is really excited and is blossoming before our eyes.I am so thankful to get to have the opportunity to start to teach her and then to see her enter the waters of baptism. It really is amazing.I also love fellowship! The Tallahassee 5th Ward Relief Society is the best! We had two investigators at church yesterday and they invited and signed up both to play in the stake women's basketball tournament. They take time to talk and get to know anyone and everyone that we bring to church. It is so nice to know that those we bring will be well cared for and loved. It makes the work so much easier :)

I've had a migraine the past few days, but I have been very blessed at the same time because they have been cloudy and quiet days with lots of lessons so that I didn't do too much tracting. Plus, I got a letter from Waybne, Grandpa Alma, and Grandma Lou all in one day! It was great! Thanks for the email from Katie Lee and Mindi- who I had only a slight idea might be pregnant due to the small bump evident when she came to visit me before I left. Congrats!!! I think you should name him Al. Happy Birthday Chase! Too bad I'm not there to help your brothers embarrass you ;) Thank you for all of your love and support.

Oh, and Martin Luther King, Jr Day is now one of my favorites because you can also call it MLK day, or Milk day! Hooray Milk!

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