Monday, February 9, 2009

Key Indicators

We have started approaching goals in a new way. Each week we report our numbers on Sunday, but then Monday we report our goals for the current week. We also track our key indicator numbers each day on a little white board. All of this is at the request of President Summerhays. Whenever we talk about goals we say 'people represented by key indicators' and we apply that to make our goals more meaningful each day. We have our key indicators color coordinated and each time we have a lesson with a member present we write that person's name in green, or when we find a new investigator - they go on the board in orange. It makes each day exciting as we get to rejoice that we met Kaley or that we had a lesson with Erin. It has added a better understanding as to the purpose of goals. It may not be exciting to ya'll, but Sister Wilcox and I love it!

Monday all our plans fell through, but we did have time to make lots of phone calls and contact some hard to reach people.

Tuesday we had an amazing district meeting! Our district has been struggling with unity since I got here, well even before that, but we got down to the root of it and each committed to make the changes necessary within ourselves. It was great to realize what I contributed to the problem, how I needed to change, and to accept responsibility for it. I was no longer blaming other people, but changing the one person I could, myself. What made it even more exciting is that everyone did it together (that also made it easier).

Wednesday we got another referral (we got the first one on Monday). Hooray for meaningful fasts! We also got to teach two lessons to less-actives and were able to help encourage one to ask for a blessing for an upcoming root canal. (Which went perfectly and she came to church!)

Thursday we spent most of the day at TCC and were able to teach an amazing lesson to James (it was amazing because of him and the Spirit, not us by any stretch of the imagination). He is a very spiritual person and excited to learn more. We meet with him again this Thursday.

Friday morning we got yet another referral! We went to the Ronald McDonald House with Amanda and Dan and were able to talk to them about what they believed and share a first lesson with them. They are great people with a lot of love. Both agreed to read the Book of Mormon and they liked the doctrines we shared with them.

Saturday we had a great lesson with Farah and were able to plan her baptism. She is so excited! I think Sister Wilcox and I are equally excited! This is the first person that we started teaching that we also get to see enter the waters of baptism. I can hardly wait for this Friday.

Sunday we had an amazing time at church. Farah really seems to feel at home there and is looking forward to Friday more each day. We met a friend of Kacie Bunch's, Kaley, who is interested in learning more. We also received a referral for a girlfriend of someone in the ward.

We are super busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.Today we had a lesson with Farah and she also had her baptismal interview. We also had another lesson with Erin and she is coming to church on Sunday. I'm excited to write both their names one the whiteboard tonight as they represent the key indicators!

I love you all! Tallahassee is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and the work is going forth at a pace I can only keep up with through the strength of the Lord.

Dallas- you still owe me cookies. I think interest is beginning to develop...

Erek- you win the email game this week, I'm not sure what that entails, but congratulations. (besides mom, who wins every week)

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