Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10 2008 MTC

I am loving the MTC! I've never been so excited to do laundry in my life! I'm wearing sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and tennis shoes! Plus we got to go to the Temple this morning. It was raining all the way there but I didn't even care! Sunday was wonderful as well. I loved Relief Society and Music & The Spoken word. I found Hermana Erekson! I couldn't find her all week because we don't have the same meal times. But she was at Relief Society. I also got to see her at Choir and I'll see her again on Tuesday. She looks great and it was such a blessing to see her. I had all but given up hope. It was such a tender mercy too. I really need a bit of family and a really good hug. Classes are good. I'm not too overwhelmed, I just wish there was more time than there really is. I love my teachers, Brother Anderson and Brother Williams. Both have fun quarky personalities. My companion, Sister Miller, is great too. She is a little spacy (she said I could say that) so she keeps my life interesting. I love telling her which way to turn everyday :) I've had so many great new insights, but here is a brief one to share. As we were preparing the first lesson we had the chance to study the Ministry of Christ. I realized that Christ's Ministry was only for a few years, but that all of His life he was serving God. I know I'm not the same as Christ, but I hope that my mission can be something worth recording because of the good the Lord is able to do through me, and that I can continue to good after my mission, just as Christ did before. Now that I type it, it sounds a less amazaing, but in the moment it was a huge blessing. I love all the songs and prayers. I love all the meetings. I even love my district ;) The elders (8 of them) have only done a few stupid things, but really are great Elders. There are two other sisters in my district that will be going to Florida with me (Sis Wright & Sis Miller) but my comp is going to Louisiana. The Elders are split between the two as well.I've seen lots of people I know while I've been here too :) I saw Elder Foulger, Elder Malin Cruise, Elder Booher (remember the Boohers that I used to babysit for- I think it embarrassed him that he was talking to his former babysitter) and another kid form Mesquite. I love that everyone talks to everyone in line for dinner, the bathroom, trying to file in or out of large meetings. I love the sisters in my room as well, there is the 4 from my district plus another companionship. Every night at 10 ish we sing and pray together, then 10:15 is quiet time and 10:30 is lights out. It is great to get nearly 8 hours of sleep, even if it is on a twin bed with only one little pillow. The Lord has blessed me to always get enough sleep. I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that I am supposed to be here, now. I love and miss you all!

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