Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas! It was so great to get to talk to you guys! I had a different, but good week. The highlight was our Christmas Miracles. On Christmas Eve we had a get-together for our investigators that didn’t have family to spend it with. We spent the day baking and setting up. We had Victor come. He came to church a few weeks ago, but we hadn’t been able to get a hold of him since. Tuesday we called to invite him and he said he might come. When he came in at 7 my heart went through the roof. I was so glad that he came! Before the night was over, we had a great 1st lesson with him. He described how he felt at church like when you have a flat tire, you loose your job and everything is going wrong, but that doesn’t matter anymore. He has such a great spirit about him and I’m sure it will be only a matter of time before he is baptized. We also had a less active that Sister Wilcox knew from her last area. She hadn’t been to church since she moved to Tallahassee because she said she couldn’t find it. She also has both her sons in prison, so she didn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with. She is in her 40s, but she had a great time and now she knows where the church is.  There were several other small tender mercies and other miracles. Christmas day was wonderful as well. Sister Wilcox and I woke up and opened gifts. I love them all so much! It was fun to not know what I was getting. I cried when I opened most of them because they were all so thoughtful! Thank you! We studied and got ready and then headed down for district meeting. It was a great meeting! We talked about unity and read a bit from President Eyring’s last conference talk and then we talked about the strengths of each member of the district. When it was my turn I cried several times… I feel funny telling ya’ll what they said, but I’m going to anyways. The comment was made when it was Sister Wilcox’s turn that between he two of us, we can do anything and everything. Our companionship is really strong and our strengths complement each other well. Then it was my turn… Elder Rasmussen started with “Sister Short is tight!” I get along really well with all the Elders (Thanks to my five brothers) and they appreciate that. They also talked about my strength and while they don’t know all that has happened in my past they know that I am strong today because of it. They talked about my strong faith and my courage. One even said I remind him of the Christian Courage from the talk last conference. Others were impressed with how prepared I was for my mission and how well I know my scriptures. They appreciate the new missionary zeal I have and the strong desire I have to work and be obedient. Elder Clasby said that I lead the ‘pack’ and that he would follow me anywhere. Elder Gleason said that he was impressed that I don’t react or get mad, even when he is trying to push all my buttons. He thanked me for my charity and patience (all the praying for it is starting to work!). There were other nice things said, but even now, this is overwhelming me. It is nice to know that I’m doing a good job as a missionary and that I touch the lives of those around me. It has been cool to see parts of my Patriarchal Blessing come to pass. It was such a great meeting! Later, we went to the Bowcutts for dinner. Brother Bowcutt is the institute director and his parents are serving a mission out here and helping him teach. He also has 7 kids, so it was fun. I played Risk for the first time and wiped all the Elders out! You’d all be so proud of me ;) We had lots of good food and a ton of fun. It was nice to be in a family setting on Christmas. Kaylee, I think she is 4, showed me all of her gifts, and one of the boys wanted to give me all of his candy. They are such a great family! We originally had a service project planned for today, but it was postponed, so I wish I was doing that, but it is good to email all of you. Oh, and I met Tasha Benfield this weekend, she trained Sister Wilcox. She knows Katie Lewis and Katie Hawkes! Small world! I really think all of you should write to me- our mail box has developed cobwebs! Thanks to those of you who have faithfully sent mail (mostly mom and grandma) I love you all! Merry Christmas! Be sure to set New Year’s Goals!

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Mom said...

This is Julie Wilcox - Sister Wilcox's mom! Kelli wrote today and gave us Sister Short's blog address - I just read the whole thing - she is adorable - Kelli really loves her as a companion. Kelli also has a blog http://sisterkelliwilcox.blogspot.com

Thanks for sharing - it is fun to get 2 versions of the events happening!